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Argan oil شراء في الدار البيضاء
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العملة MAD
Argan oil شراء في الدار البيضاء
شراء Argan oil
Argan oil

Argan oil

تحديد السعر من البائع
المغرب, الدار البيضاء
عرض الهواتف
الخصائص التقنية
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  • نوع من مستحضرات التجميل زيتأركان





The argan oil is an organic oil and is the best oil for the face, the hair and the nails. The argan oil a rare and unique(only) wealth of the nature. The argan oil rich in vitamin E particularly advised(recommended) for the very dried out skins or simply which set of the age. The argan oil is precious to revitalize skins. The argan oil does not stop filling us by its generosity. His(her,its) beauty tips, although simple showed their efficiency for centuries. Elixirs in the precious virtues, the argan oil offers relaxation and beauty to those who know how to use(wear out) it with wisdom and perspicacity. The cosmetic and nutritional properties of the argan oil. The argan oil, the rare and precious nectar come from Morocco.


100 % natural, the argan oil is extracted from the oleaginous almond(kernel) of the Argan tree. For centuries, the waterside Berber women of the Arganeraie produce the argan oil for the food needs of the local populations but, they use him(it) so traditionally for their care of skin and hair.


Obviously, the argan oil possesses natural virtues confirmed moreover by several scientific studies led both to Morocco and in Europe. His(her,its) major biochemical constituents(components) are unanimously all recognized for their beneficial effects on the health.


    * Composition of the argan oil:


    (Polyunsaturated) Linoleic acid: acid 35 % (mono-unsaturated) Oléique: 45 %

    Tocophérols: 62 mg. / 100 g.

    Polyphenols: 5,6 mg. / 100 g.

    Carotene: 300 mg. / 100 g.

    Stérols: 160 mg. / 100 g.

    Alcohols Terpéniques: 150 mg. / 100 g.


In conclusion, the argan oil is balanced well in essential fatty acids and it possesses quantities Very considerable of constituents(components) endowed with a recognized biological activity: Tocophérol, Béta-carotène, Polyphenols, Stérols, Alcohols Terpéniques... His(her,its) wealth in Linoleic acid (35 %) as well as his(her,its) content in Tocophérols and in Polyphenols confer him(her) a remarkable dietary profile..




ARGAN OIL, Properties and Benefactions:

The argan oil feeds the skin and protects the elasticity from it.

The argan oil is rich in natural ingredients which play an essential role in the cellular renewal.

In the traditional Moroccan pharmacopoeia, the argan oil is adopted for the body care to counter the misdeeds of the age and the climate: she acts marvelously on wrinkles and the skin dries, limits(eases) the visible tracks left by the acne, the chicken pox, the buttons and the other irritations or the cutaneous hurts such stretch marks, cracks and burns.

Used also for the care of the scalp, the oil of argan makes the mat hair shine and strengthen the breakable nails.

Finally, the argan oil relieves joint pains and is very appreciated for the physical massages.

The argan oil is now proposed under two forms, the food argan oil and the cosmetic argan oil. Did you know that the food argan oil contains extraordinary properties? Two spoonful in jeûn every morning will make for you, as it is said, to find the hourglass figure of your twenty years. Wait one hour or two before the breakfast.

The cosmetic argan oil contains wonderful anti-ageing properties for every woman worried of "feeding" the skin and its wrinkles. She(it) is used for a long time by the women of the Moroccan South for their body and capillary care because of her(its) high content in vitamin E. Naturally, she(it) re-revitalizes the skin, acts against the drying and the ageing of the skin by restoring the hydrolipidic movie and by increasing the nourishing contributions at the level of cells(units).






The Virtues of the argan oil:


        * The argan oil stabilizes the hypercholesterol level by reducing the rate of the bad cholesterol and by increasing the rate of the good cholesterol.

        * The argan oil reduces the high blood pressure.

        * The argan oil possesses an effect anti-obesity by acting as appetite suppressant (consumed in morning meal)

        * The argan oil has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver.

        * The argan oil neutralizes the free radicals and protects the connective tissue.

        * The argan oil boosts(sends a reminder) and stimulates the exchanges and the cellular oxygenation by improving the quality of the intercellular cement

        * The argan oil acts against the drying of the skin and the physiological ageing of the skin (anti-wrinkle product) by restoring the hydrolipidic movie and by increasing the nourishing contributions at the level of cells(units). Interest for the schotténol contained in the argan oil which would have properties anti-carcinogenic.

In case of regular consumption, the argan oil adds to its prize list a new therapeutic virtue. Indeed, researchers discovered recently that the regular consumption of the argan oil would reduce of 50 % the risk of developing an arterial high blood pressure.


Effects of the argan oil on hair:

Nourishing and revitalizing the scalp. The argan oil brings of the shine to hair while restoring them their natural and silky sweetness.

Instructions for use:


To restore vigour and health with the weakened hair, apply the argan oil 30 mn before the shampoo, on all the length of the hair; wash and rinse. To protect the hair of the dehydrating effects of sunbathings(sun tops), sea and chlorine, use in styling oil by touching(brushing) the hair.


Effects of the argan oil on the face:


The argan oil hydrates, revitalizes, eases the skin and protects it against the dryings. The argan oil limits(eases) cracks and craquelure caused by the winter colds. Help to warn(prevent) wrinkles. The argan oil cleans the acneic skin and the sensational and radiant leash. His(her,its) firming up power works wonders in case of loss of elasticity of the skin




Instructions for use:


Custom(Usage) any seasons. Apply the argan oil to the face, the neck, the body. Mass(massage) slowly by circular movements to penetrate into the skin. Ideally, use to replace your night cream


Effects of the argan oil on nails:


The argan oil feeds and strengthens the soft and breakable nails; protects them against the outside attacks.


Instructions for use:

Indeed wash hands; dip nails into a mixture of lemon juice (or of some drops(gouts) of essential oil of lemon) and a coffee spoon of the argan oil in equal shares, approximately 15 minutes, at least once week.

If your nails are breakable, renew the operation daily. You can reuse your preparation by keeping(preserving) her(it) in an appropriate(clean) and dry flask for a week.

For a fortifying treatment of your in-depth nails, you can warm the preparation for the bain-marie.




Before modern times, the Berbers (also known as the Amazighs) of Morocco would collect undigested Argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit. The pits were then ground and pressed to make the nutty oil used in cooking.

The argan oil for the cooking(kitchen)....

She can be used in frying, but we recommend her(it) essentially in the seasoning of salads, subtly fruity, of a very attractive color orange-coloured yellow honey, is self-sufficient in herself(itself) in modest one small dish to dip its bread there. She(it) decorates the dishes of raw vegetables, the compound salads and of course the tabbouleh, the couscous and earthenware cooking pots(meat stews). She(it) is better cold, in final key(touch) on grilled fishes, poultry or jumped vegetables. We can let it marinade a few hours a goat cheese, for example.

The residue of grains(beads) after the extraction of oil looks like a thick soft margarine called Amlou which is used for the breakfast to the Berber. Amlou was traditionally consumed in nomads' caravans which crossed Sahara.


Some receipts(recipes): amlou, mqualli chicken in the argan oil ghriba in the argan oil, gateau of and confit of quinces, salad of potatoes in achards, salmon smoked in the dill, Saint Jacques's salad in the mango, the crumble...





According to the results(profits) of scientific researches, the argan oil has nourishing and dietary properties superior to those some extra virgin olive oil.

She acts as appetite suppressant in the morning meal. Always according to scientific publications, she allows:

The stability of the hypercholesterol level. She(it) is advised(recommended) at patient's presenting risks of atheroscleroses, stimulates the intellectual cells(units) and the functioning of the liver, reduced the high blood pressure, protects the fabric(tissue).


Conclusion :

Soothing moisturizing oil, softening, fights against the broken vein, the wrinkles, the scars and the stretch marks. In massage on plixus solar in case of stress, insomnias, anxiety attacks, stage fright(nerves), anxiety and sexual asthenia.


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Argan oil
Argan oil
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